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Allmänt / SV: Presentation i efterskott!
« skrivet: juni 20, 2015, 23:39:25 PM »

Allmänt / fråga
« skrivet: juni 20, 2015, 23:17:28 PM »
Förlåt epost på engelska :-)
I think is better for you my bad english than my dålig svenska.
My name is Joao Preichardt, I moved to Sweden  (we live in Falun, since then) from Brazil in January 2014, invited by the company I have worked  since 2009.

So, the funny part is that i brought with my belongings one of this engines. It was a gift from a very close fried which knows I like bikes and motors.
Now that things are more calm at our lives ( I have wife and two kids 2 and 9 years old)  I started to think about the project...
I saw your pictures at facebook and I really liked the frames you have. I was thinking about a 24" frame to give a not so skinny shape to the bike, but there is not enough room to the carburator.
I dont want to cut the frame now, since I still dont have a welding machine here.
If I manage to attach the picture you will see my problem.
Tack są mycket.

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